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‘Isigaw mo, Isko!’ Reverberates In Iloilo City As Moreno Wins Hearts Of Ilonggos With ‘Tao Muna’ Economic Agenda

ILOILO CITY – The silent majority is silent no more as shouts of “Isko! Isko! Isko!”, “I love you Isko!” and “Walang atrasan Yorme!” resounded across the La Paz Plaza in this city Wednesday night as Aksyon Demokratiko standard bearer Isko Moreno Domagoso captivated the hearts of thousands of Ilonggos with his vow of “Tao Muna” policy of governance once elected to the highest position of the land.

“We, today, ordinary Filipinos, we deserve a better future. That’s what we deserve. This is not about us. This is about your life, your children’s future. This is all about you. Give our country a break. Bigyan niyo ng pagkakataon ang inyong sarili ng peace of mind,” Mayor Isko said to a frenzied crowd composed mostly of ordinary people who came to show their full support to their candidate who is one of their own.

“Kung ako pagbibigyan niyo, sa awa ng Diyos, sa tulong ninyo, simpleng gobyerno. Una murang bilihin, murang koryente, murang gasolina, trabaho, bahay, edukasyon, ospital. Yon lang. simple. Tao lang, sa tao lang. Yon ang ginawa ko sa Maynila, kayang gawin sa buong bansa. Basic governance, minimum basic needs. Yon ang gagawin ko,” Moreno said to wild cheering.

The unbridled support from the multitude of ordinary people cannot be silenced despite the rally being held at the capital of Western Visayas – long considered to be the bailiwick of the Liberal Party – as the young and charismatic presidential aspirant vowed to finally put an end to the elitist politics peddled by the “pula” and the “dilaw” that had deluded the masses with their false and broken promises for so long.

Moreno said this is also the reason why his determination to serve and fight for the rights of ordinary Filipinos remains unflinching despite the tall odds he is now facing.

“Kaya nga ako tumakbo, kaya nga ako lumaban. Kung sarili ko lang iniisip ko, sa Maynila na lamang ako. Pero paano naman kayo? Kaya ako talaga, pag meron mga nang-aapi, hindi ako matahimik,” he said.

“Tuldukan natin. Itong 2022, bigyan na natin ng kapanatagan ang ating sarili. Huwag kayong padadala sa uso. This is not about us. this is about your life, your children’s future. This is all about you. Give our country a break. Bigyan niyo ng pagkakataon ang inyong sarili ng peace of mind,” Moreno said.

If elected president, Moreno has vowed that his administration will address poverty, hunger, unemployment, inequality and social injustice through an inclusive and equitable infrastructure development program as spelled out under his 10-point Bilis Kilos Economic Agenda.

To achieve this, Moreno’s first two years of administration will focus on building more public housing, more public schools, and more public hospitals across the country to create more jobs and opportunities for our people.

To further alleviate the plight of the masses and protect industries, Moreno will work closely with Congress to reduce the taxes on two of the most basic of commodities – petroleum and electricity.

Moreno also vowed to revive and support the MSME sector through various government interventions, as well as promote a culture of sustainable tourism by developing tourism highways and tourism circuits among others.

The Aksyon Demokratiko presidential candidate vowed to Ilonggos that once he has achieved his vision of providing the basic necessities to all Filipinos and had given them the peace of mind they have yearned for, the big-ticket projects will follow for the rest of his term.

“Yung pangarap niyong dam, titirahin natin. Yung pangarap niyong tulay titirahin natin,” he said.

Mayor Isko was referring to the PHP11.2-billion Jalaur River Multi-Purpose Project Stage II (JRMP II) in Calinog, Iloilo, and the Negros-Panay-Guimaras Bridge (NPGB) that candidates, including himself, vowed to complete once elected to further usher agriculture and economic activity in the region.

But for the meantime, he reiterated that the welfare of the people must come first before everything else.

“Pero mauna muna kayo, makaraos kayo. Yung tao ba na maglalakad siya, kakayod siya, kahit anong mangyari, natibo, napako, nadapa, pagtumba niya nandun yung gobyerno, masasandalan niya. Yon ang gobyernong gusto ko para sa inyo,” Moreno said, again to wild cheering.

The scene is reminiscent of all the previous rallies, town hall meetings and motorcades that he and Team Isko has held across the country where he was constantly mobbed by ordinary Filipinos who wanted to shake or just touch the hands of the former basurero who became councilor, vice mayor, mayor and now a presidential candidate.

Even in his courtesy calls to local officials known to have endorsed his rivals, local public servants flocked around Moreno, shrieking and taking pictures as the Manila Mayor made is way to the offices of the incumbents.

Moreno said the warm and sincere show of support he gets from the “silent majority” wherever he and Team Isko goes throughout the country further cements his resolve to fight for them till the very end.

“Hanggat hindi kayo sumusuko, hinding-hindi ako sususko para sa inyo. Magko-compete ako hanggang sa dulo,” he said to shouts of “Walang atrasan!”

“Simple lang ang iiwan ko sa inyo ngayon. Marami ng nasabi, marami ng naipangako, lahat kami marami ng nasabi. Huwag niyong palalampasin ang pagkakataon na ito na tapusin na ang away ng mga pula at mga dilaw. Kung gusto niyo ng peace of mind, available ako, maiba lang,” Moreno said. #